Constans is a national pioneer in production of electric heating plates and incubators for heating pigletsí resting areas in a comprehensive way.

Our products and service are based on authorial projects and production technology. Thanks to it we have been meeting expectations of the most demanding breeders for sixteen years.



Constans is continuing to introduce to the market some new types of electric heating plates and piglet incubators (for breeding farms) with different power parameters, heating surfaces and shapes that are suitable for all types of farrowing pens. We especially take into account the following advantages of our products: safety, functionality, life and energy-saving. We manage to present successfully our products during regional and international farm displays. The firm has been awarded series of rewards and honourable mentions, but positive opinins of the users of our products bring us the biggest satisfaction. The latest knowledge of pig breeding combined with practical experience allows us to be a partner and a reliable advisor for our customers.

Thanks to cooperation with our firm a lot of breeders managed to solve the problem of piglet heating, improving their production profits and saving electric energy by over 50 %.

We invite to cooperation!