Constans offer electric heating plates and incubators for heating resting areas for suckling and weaned piglets. They are stationary appliances that when installed properly do not need any additional service. Temperature stabilization comes automatically (34C after about 40 minutes).


For suckling piglets:

  • Heating plate, type H-816/90W, size 880mm x 500mm /rectangular/


  • Heating plate, type H-816/90W, size 720mm x 720mm /diagonal/


We also offer our clients incubators (as additional portable appliances) integrated with our heating plates.

For weaned piglets:

Heating plate, type H-816/140W, size 1000mm x 600mm /rectangular/

Heating plate, type H-816 - 1/120W, size 800mm x 800mm /diagonal/


Thanks to enlarged heating surface the above types of plates are used as modular units that can create independent heating surfaces (1 plate = 15 piglets).

Our products come with a 2 year warranty. We also provide post warranty service.

Main advantages of our heating plates:

  • Efficient heating of piglets during the weaning period (keeping energy costs at a minimum),
  • Healthy and vital piglets,
  • Significantly reduced piglet losses,
  • Possibility of manual individual feeding on the plate during first days of life,
  • Shortened rearing period,
  • Can be used with all types of farrowing pens,
  • Fire safety (IP65-KL II R-3-CE),
  • Very good resistance, long service life (warranty and service).


Comparison of exploitation costs to heating plates with heat lamps (1 kWh = 0,40 PLN).

Heating plate,
type H-816
Heating plate,
type H-816 - 1
Power used per 1 hour 250 W = 100% 140 W = 56% 90 W = 35%
Energy consumption
during 1 day
(1kWH/PLN/ resting area
for 1 piglet)
6KW/h = 2,40 PLN 3,36KW/h = 1,34 PLN 2,16KW/h = 0,86 PLN
Energy consumption
during 1 year
(1kWH/PLN/ resting area
for 1 piglet)
2190KW/h = 876 PLN 1,226KW/h = 490 PLN 788KW/h = 315 PLN
Savings when using
heating plates by Constans
876 PLN = 100% 386 PLN = 44% 561 PLN = 64%
Return of the purchase costs
of the appliance
32 PLN / month
= 14 months
47 PLN / month
= 8 months


Multiply the cost of energy consumption by the number of farrowing pens and you will get savings from one appliance.

The range of costs connected with exploitation of heat lamps is wider because of the necessity of buying light bulbs and other electrical equipment.

Heating plates made by Constans solve the problem of keeping resting area for piglets warm once and for a long time.

Dear Breeder!
-give us your parametres of piglets rearing and we will reduce your energy consumption by 50%.
We invite to cooperation!